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Supplier Representation

Issue resolution can be daunting when you are not actually at HSAP facility to see what’s happening with your products.

Are the products being delivered as expected? Are they being handled and installed correctly? Is your product being evaluated for a concern correctly?

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Inspection and Containtment

Sumind helps you  monitor supplier parts at any industrial park facility located

We also coordinate third party sorting companies when needed. Suppliers can get immediate feedback on any quality concern.

Rework / Repair

Almost all manufacturers encounter scenarios in which their production lines generate flawed components at some point.

When these parts reach any industrial park ship, or supply chain facility, production targets and line operator efficiency could be altered, ultimately altering supplier confidence score. 

New Product Launch

We assist to improve quality through prevention and elimination of non-conformities prior to new product launch through authorized procedures, when required.

In the process leading up to a product launch, we offer new product support service in any area where the product is needed.


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